About the differences in cannabis consumption

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There are many ways to use cannabis, but in Israel the Ministry of Health recommends using three methods: smoking, steaming or oil.


Cigarette smoking is bad for your health. The smoke contains thousands of toxic chemicals and some are even carcinogenic. The three main dangerous substances in cigarette smoke are nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar. Carbon monoxide binds to hemoglobin in the blood and thus reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches body tissues. Accelerated atherosclerosis in the presence of monocrystalline oxygen. Nicotine reaches the brain in seconds causing it to release catecholamines that increase blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen consumption in the heart muscle. Tar, the main cancer-causing substance in cigarettes. Even when a person rolls the gross cannabis and smokes it without tobacco containing nicotine, inhalation of unhealthy, unhealthy smoke-chemicals still occurs. Smoking also affects facial skin.


The inhalation has very rapid effect within a few minutes because the active substances in the plant reach directly into the bloodstream and brain. Evaporation of grated or evaporated Cannabis oil in a designated device called Vaporizer which allows the user to also enjoy the health benefits of the plant’s terpenes, which are usually destroyed by smoking a cannabis-containing cigarette. Evaporation causes less damage to the lungs, since there is no smoke but only oil vapor inhalation of active substances in the plant. Evaporation Inflorescence is less damaging compared to smoking Inflorescence to health because there are no burnt residue and therefore no toxic substances inhaled into the bloodstream. Many devices and vaporizers are available at different price range and in various models, some of which can be calibrated to temperature, an advantage in the context of certain terpenes and cannabinoids in the plant. Obviously, the quality and function of the vaporizers depend on price range.


The suppliers usually use olive oil containing cannabis extraction. Drip the oil under the tongue after drying the saliva – this allows immediate absorption of the material. If swallowed – and not dripped under the tongue, it passes through the stomach, delayed effect and effectiveness of treatment may be impaired. It is very important to mix the oil by removing and inserting the bottle several times using the drip. Compared with evaporation and inhalation, the effect of oil is later. The duration of the effect is longer: 4-6 hours, with the peak effect starting from 30 minutes to 3 hours. It is important to ensure that the patient does not have a sensitivity to the type of oil in which cannabis is extracted.

Eating and drinking

Eating cannabis is a consumption method many choose and for different reasons. We can mix cannabis oil with coconut oil, olive oil, butter and more and from the mixture make various dishes. It is important to know the benefits and hindrances of eating cannabis products. Advantages: can be added to almost anything, especially if it was previously melted in glycerin, oil or butter. Nearly any recipe is possible to make and it’s suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, and at all ages. The time it takes for cannabis eaten to take effect varies from person to person. With most users the effects start two hours after consumption, with a secondary wave of effects after 4 hours from consumption, due to the digestion process of THC. and it also has psychoactive effects. Disadvantages: a feeling of “high” can be less predictable when there is no prior experience in cannabis consumption. The feeling lasts much longer than any other method of cannabis consumption. There are variables such as height, weight, metabolism rate and stomach contents which affects each person differently. The effects can only be felt about 60 to 120 minutes after consumption, and the delay often causes patients to take a second dose, mistakenly thinking the previous dose had no effect.  It’s ill-advised to take an overdose. The effects last somewhere between 4 and 10 hours, which can prolong sleep and prevent the patient from waking up at time for work… so our advice is never to take a second dose before the first one had its full effect. It’s also possible to consume cannabis in ready-made pills. We’re referring to cannabis which was heat-processed (decarboxylation) and the main advantage is that the dosages are accurate. This is perfectly suitable for patients who would like to consume cannabis the same way they consume other pill-medication.

Candles vaginal or rectal

The active ingredients are well-absorbed through the tiny blood-vessels in both the vagina or rectum. Women suffering from pelvic pain have an advantage in using vaginal candles, as well as improved sexual function during intercourse.

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