Irit Avisar
Nurse, Mediator and Lawyer

Consulting and Customizing Cannabis Treatment

My services

Patient Counseling for obtaining medical cannabis license

Customizing cannabis treatment for patients according to their personal state, medical condition and way of life

Doctor's counseling for customizing cannabis treatment in relations to patient's condition

dispute mediation regarding medical cannabis

Who am I?


Irit Avisar, certified academic nurse, mediator and a lawyer, with experience in various fields of medicine.

Intensive care of preterm infants, diabetes and hypertensive blood pressure, skin diseases, autoimmune diseases, neurology, HIV and AIDS.

Irit has practical experience in hospitals and community clinics. In addition, Irit also has experience in managing international clinical studies.

In the recent years she specialized in Medical Cannabis. She initiated and coordinated medical cannabis courses for nurses.

She lectures in conventions worldwide.

Co-founder of the Israeli Medical Association Cannabis Medical Association

From the press

Irit Avisar lectures at the Cannatech conference in Tel Aviv

JOIN US IN TEL AVIV! April 1-2, 2019 (VIP Tour April 3) Trask & Reading 3, Tel Aviv Port Tel Aviv, Israel

Irit Avisar enlists the cannabis nurses

The Medical Cannabis Unit in the Ministry of Health did not think nurses should be trained in hospitals and HMOs regarding the treatment of cannabis. Irit Avisar, a nurse and jurist by profession, herself is coping with serious illness via medical cannabis. thought differently and initiated a special course for nurses. "I do not want Cannabis patients to be treated by a medical team unfamiliar with Cannabis."

The Holy Grass: The particularly ancient history of cannabis

Early in the 20th century, cannabis was outlawed claiming it was a danger to society, however cannabis is an ancient plant that has been used in medicine but not only. In many cultures, from the ancient world and throughout history...

An article from the Swiss website "Blick": Nurse Irit Avisar seeks to treat patients with cannabis

She treats cannabis and wants to ease patients around the world in obtaining medical cannabis license. Irit Avisaar, a certified nurse in the state of Israel desires to perform a revolution, speaks in the Medical Cannabis Convention in Zurich, Switzerland.

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counseling by an academic nurse and an expert attorney for medical cannabis

Aid in obtaining certified license for medical cannabis

Counseling for customizing cannabis treatment for patients and doctors

Lectures in private and public institutions