Avisar Center for Health and Medicine

Founded & Managed by Irit Avisar

Irit Avisar

The center’s director, with 27 years of experience as a registered nurse in a variety of fields in hospitals and the community. Among other things, in 2000 she was the first diabetes nurse in the country, in a unique and innovative position she designed, in Dan – Petah Tikva in Clalit Health Services. She instructed nurses and physicians to monitor diabetics in order to balance them. Irit attended conferences and staff meetings in senior management and presented the data that indicated a significant change for the better in diabetics at the district level. In light of the success of the position, a diabetes nurse was later appointed in each district in Clalit, based on the position designed by Irit and later also in the other hospitals.

Similar to what she did about 20 years ago with diabetes, Irish initiated the role of “cannabis nurse” and she is one of the first cannabis nurses in the world. In order to train many nurses for the position of “Nurse Cannabis”, Irit initiated and founded the Medical Cannabis Course for Nurses. Irish lectures at conferences in Israel and around the world, help as a consultant to bodies and companies in the field of medical cannabis, And Initiates and conducts research in the field.

אירית אבישר
אבישר מרכז לבריאות ורפואה

About the Center

The center employs nurses, graduates of the medical cannabis course for nurses, they guide and help patients under the direction of Irit.

The Center for Health and Medicine has collaborations with physicians in all areas, from children to the elderly.

Are you eligible for a medical cannabis license?

Our Services

אבישר מרכז לבריאות ורפואה

Guidance and counseling

Consulting physicians and medical practitioners regarding medical cannabis. Training nurses and providing services to medical institutions
אבישר מרכז לבריאות ורפואה

Ongoing accompaniment

Ongoing accompaniment and counseling for patients after receiving the license (adjustment of strains, dosages of consumption, follow-up, etc.)
אבישר מרכז לבריאות ורפואה

Consulting physicians

Consulting physicians in all matters relating to medical cannabis, training nurses and providing services to medical institutions
אבישר מרכז לבריאות ורפואה

Avisar for business

Nurse training, consulting and accompaniment for businesses, conducting research in cannabis

Certified medical cannabis nurses from the Avisar Center

אחות קנאביס מוסמכת

Patient Testimonials

"Dear Irit Avisar! I wanted to thank you for the professional guidance and supportive accompaniment and the personal and warm attitude, for all the patience you dedicate to me along the way. It is really touching to see how much giving you are. Much love "
Guy Kedar
"Irit Hello, we would like to thank you for your professional and fascinating lecture on medical cannabis. There is no doubt that your extensive education and in-depth knowledge have made a great contribution to enriching the knowledge of the team of pharmacists and employees in Clalit's Quality Assurance Department. There is no doubt that this issue, which is on the sidelines of the Ministry of Health in its various aspects of quality, will continue to interest and fascinate the professional community. "
Dr. Aaron Bialer
Director of the General Pharmacy Department
'Dear Irit, When I came to you I felt lost in the sea of bureaucracy with lots of question marks and concerns. Your support and guidance along the way gave me confidence and your professional guidance prepared me in the best way I could ask for. I would like to say thank you. Without your counseling I would have been left confused and with uncertainty. Thanks again!"
"Dear Irit, thank you for such a rich, broad and in-depth course I enjoyed your special way of delivering the material, always with positive energies, professionalism, such a pleasant and special atmosphere. You became a role model for me.”
Lee, graduate of the nursing course
"After years of suffering from many medical problems, I came to you about two months ago for a consultation and an explanation about the use of CBD oil with the intention of testing whether this oil can help me and improve my health. Today, after about two months of using the oil according to your instructions, I feel significantly better in many areas, such as: The knee pain is gone. My sleep at night has improved miraculously. The troublesome thoughts almost ceased altogether. I feel much more peaceful and calm. My blood pressure and sugar measurements are now showing significant improvement. And in short now life is much more beautiful thanks to you. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the personal treatment, for the patience you showed, for the professional explanations and the excellent guidance I received from you. Well done!"
“Dear Irit. Thank you very much for your help and care - it is not obvious. I am already feeling more relaxed, less painful and definitely more smiling 🙂 I did not believe it would work so fast. Shabbat Shalom."

Did you know?

Medical cannabis treatment helps with many types of diseases

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כאבים כרוניים
דלקות פרקים
בחילות והקאות
הפרעות קשב וריכוז
תסמונת קדם וסת

Counseling and guidance on medical cannabis for all types of diseases and medical conditions

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