Crohn and Cannabis

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What is the effect of cannabis on Crohn’s disease?

Autoimmune disease where there is damage to the epithelium of the intestine.

Food additives are added to the food industry that could damage the bowel epithelium.

Industrialized food causes the immune system to produce antibodies against the foreign intruder, creating inflammation.

The tissues of the body that are damaged by the inflammation may change and as a result the immune system does not recognize them and attacks these cells by mistake.

This is the beginning of an autoimmune disease.

The most important treatment is proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Common drugs: Three main groups.

Steroids: A high dose that reduces inflammation.
Chemotherapy is similar to that given in malignant diseases, such as MTX (methotrexate), which inhibits cell growth of the immune system.
Biological treatments to suppress immune cell activity – for example, HUMIRA (hypersensitivity) that affects immune cells. All these and other drugs have many significant side effects.

Cannabis has been studied and found to be effective against autoimmune diseases. why?

The role of resin in the plant world is to protect and prevent invasion of unwanted microorganisms.

The resin has various substances designed to neutralize aggressive biological agents. In the resin of cannabis (from the triglycerides) there have been many substances that work on the immune system of humans.

The plant’s ingredients act against leukotriins that the immune system secretes and is inflammatory. These are substances typical of all autoimmune diseases.

One of the special features of cannabis is its ability to support and regulate immune system activity.

When cannabis resin meets high activity of the immune system, its effect will be reducing activity in order to reduce the production of antibodies in the immune system. When immune system activity is weak, cannabis activates aggressive white cells-macrophages. In this way it regulates activity and supports the immune system.

Cannabis is effective for Crohn’s disease:

– Reduces pain

– Improves the healing of the affected bowel

– Appetite and helps to gain weight

– Reduces stress and anxiety

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