Independence Day for medical cannabis patients

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Over 30,000 patients are waiting to celebrate Independence Day together with all of Israel.

As it seems in recent days, Cannabis patients in Israel can not celebrate.

Healing plant has become in the 30’s of the last century to Sam dangerous “begins to be released in recent years received a negative image but on his way back to being a medicinal plant having new objections, somewhat reminiscent of the Marijuana Tax Act law from 1937, fined cannabis.

The 1937 law provoked opposition from the American Medical Association’s legal adviser, who warned that cannabis does not cause all the negative effects presented in the propaganda video “Reefers Madness.”

Another thing that was claimed was that the word marijuana was not quite familiar to the medical profession and therefore they did not understand that in this law they lose the drug – the cannabis. The law placed a heavy burden on American doctors and pharmacists.

And now, here in Israel, we are at the beginning of a reform that weighs on doctors and pharmacists, and perhaps most importantly, is very burdensome and violates the basic rights of patients, who are above all human beings.

The Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty states

“Basic human rights in Israel are based on recognition of the value of human beings, the sanctity of their lives and their being free, and they will be respected in the spirit of the principles of the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel”

Furthermore, the law provides that there shall be no violation of the life, body or dignity of any person as such.

And continues with the following clause: There is no violation of a person’s property. Every person is entitled to protection of his life, body and dignity.

Perhaps the most important thing to understand is that it is not possible to violate basic human rights:

The rights under this Basic Law shall only be violated by a law appropriate to the values ​​of the State of Israel, which is intended for a proper purpose, and to an extent no greater than is required, or under such law by virtue of express authorization therein.

The reform affects medical cannabis patients – in their economic situation. Drug costs and the costs of visiting physicians to the many patients who need medical treatment effective forced to turn, Ore them privately Medicine infinitely higher cost, the reform also violates the right choice of medical care that patients receive.

The Patients’ Rights Law is intended to improve the situation of those in need of medical treatment in the public health system, and to ensure faster medical care for the health of Israeli citizens.

The last thing that can be said about medicalization in Israel is that it is consistent with the Patients’ Rights Law or the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty.

Cannabis grew on its way to independence, making a U-turn in favor of turning it into a “shelf drug”.

For thousands of years people have used cannabis.

No one caused patients to consume several types of drugs before they received the medicinal plant.

No one forced them to consume the plant in a given form or in certain percentages of active substances.

For thousands of years people have made cannabis plant extracts, formulas with other plants, without fear of being stopped or fined.

People who wanted to consume cannabis could choose whether to use someone else to prepare for extraction or to use as they were and the other person did so happily and without fear of arrest.

People who wanted to consume cannabis did not have to turn to a particular person, who would give them permission to use a plant that grew everywhere.

People who wanted to consume cannabis could choose to grow it for themselves.

Medical cannabis patients in Israel want independence in the choice of medical treatment.

Medical cannabis patients in Israel deserve proper medical care.

Title of Chapter 7 of the Patient’s Rights Law: “Responsibility for the Rights of the Patient in a Medical Facility”. The director of a medical institution is required to instruct and instruct the members of the medical and administrative staff of the medical institution with regard to the provisions of the Patient’s Rights Law. There are hospitals where the management a little “confused” and gave instructions to her doctors, not to fill a recommendation for licenses for medical cannabis. Some doctors tell their patients “I have nothing more to offer you and I know that cannabis may help you, but I can not fill you with a recommendation, you’ll have to look for a doctor somewhere else.”

There is a situation where doctors in public medicine do not recommend cannabis because of instructions from “above”. The JIC instructed physicians not to recommend cannabis in private medicine but in the public.

The YKR instructed patients to receive the cannabis and to be monitored in the usual place where they persisted before receiving the license, and it does not work and the patients fall between the cracks.

Patients can only hope for a happy, green and blossoming 2018 Independence Day.

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