Sexuality and cannabis use

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What is the effect of cannabis on sexuality?

One of the things that reduces masturbation. According to the famous sexologist [1] in Berkeley Wipple, when women masturbate to orgasm, the threshold for pain tolerance rises significantly from 74.6 to 106.7. Endocannabinoids appear to have a crucial role in sexual functioning and we may be ahead of a new approach to treating sexual dysfunction in men and women [2]. A study of endocannabinoid levels before and after masturbation to orgasm found that arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG) 2 was significantly higher than the other endocannabinoids, which had no change in their level. A second study examined and compared covertly masturbation to orgasm vs. masturbation in uncontrolled orgasm control. It was found that only masturbation that ended in orgasm caused an increase in AG level 2.

One of the problems in sexual research is that there are no randomized double-blind studies in the context of sexual function and cannabis. The few existing studies are about people who in any case consume cannabis. [3] found that regular use of small amounts of THC was associated with sexual pleasure and good functioning in men and women. One hypothesis is that cannabis prolongs the erection time of men but can not rule out the fact that when they are under the influence of cannabis they may be losing some sense of time … In other words, sex may take longer while you are “hi” but not sure you really are Having more time and relationships …

In an attempt to get more precise answers, researchers tried to estimate the time of the erection, and found that cannabis was an erectile dysfunction [4]. Animal studies have found that cannabis has a depressive effect on some of the receptors in penile tissue. The dose of cannabis and THC is important. Like alcohol, when small amounts are needed, the effect is almost imperceptible and there will be no erectile dysfunction. In large quantities and high doses of THC, will have erectile dysfunction and difficulty in having sex. Research [5] found that regular users of cannabis have 3 times more erectile dysfunction than people who do not use cannabis. Beyond the dosage there are two more important data to consider: First, cannabis is not a single substance and there are many varieties. Indica is more relaxing and relaxing while Sativa is more stimulating. A comparative study of the species has not yet been conducted, and the findings may be very interesting. Second, there is a variance in people’s response to cannabis use just as there is a difference between people and a reaction to drinking alcohol. Some people are unable to do anything after smoking cannabis or drinking alcohol, some are sleepy or have anxiety and some wake up and function well. Even using the same species is likely to have a difference between users. Everyone has an endocannabinoid system that responds somewhat differently to substances from the outside. An interview conducted among 97 adults in Kansas City [6] found that 2/3 reported increased libido and sexual pleasure. About half of both sexes reported an increase in sexual desire. Intimate closeness has also been reported. About one-third of the survey respondents reported that there was no increase in desire or sexual pleasure following the use of cannabis. In 2003 researchers from Canada [7] interviewed 104 adults and tested whether she had a libido after using cannabis. 25% of the respondents said that “often” or “always”, 40% answered “sometimes” 35% answered “infrequently” or “never”. About half of the respondents called cannabis “sexually arousing” and about half of them “do not arouse sexual desire.” About a third of the patients said that the reason they used cannabis in advance was because they thought it aroused sexual desire. Half of the respondents said there was no sexual connection with the decision to use cannabis. In 2008 another research team from Canada [8] interviewed 41 adults. About half of them reported increased libido, increased sensitivity to touch, and increased sexual pleasure. Half of what never happened … Cannabis’s influence on sex seems to be unpredictable. Those who report that Cannabis reduces his desire for sex report that he is converging into himself and does not feel attracted to the opposite partner, who say that cannabis stimulates sexual pleasure, because cannabis helps them get closer to the sexual partner and increases their satisfaction with sex.

Women, for example, report that cannabis improves orgasms [9]. Many women have difficulty getting orgasm while having sex, and cannabis may help. how? CB1 receptor stimulation in the brain causes a feeling of lust, a sense of touch and improved tactility, and general euphoria. Another survey [11] asked 800 men and 83% of them reported an improvement in sex life following use of cannabis, but no issue was reported on duration of erection. Women found that 90% had an improvement in sex enjoyment due to cannabis use. And 40% reported that the orgasm following cannabis was much better. It is important to remember that both women and men stressed that it is all a question of dosage and high doses cannabis interferes with sex pleasure. A study in Oxford [12] in 2015 found that cannabis lowers testosterone and that prolonged use and high doses may have an effect on fertility and in men who smoke more than once a week. The subject has not yet been thoroughly researched. Cannabis reduces anxiety [13] and this is another reason for sex pleasure after cannabis use.

Healthy sex and may lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels and prevent heart attack and stroke. During sex, the bloodstream has immunoglobulin A antibodies known to be important in the immune system. Another substance that is very important for cognitive functioning, tissue integrity, and bone formation, DHEA, is also secreted during sex. A hormone called oxytocin is secreted just before orgasm and helps the body to secrete endorphins, soothing and helping the body to function properly. Another equally interesting statistic: after sex, production of the hormone prolactin increases and this causes the brain stem cells to develop new neurons in the region responsible for the brain’s olfactory sense.

Research [14] found that women who enjoy sex life live 8 years longer. Another study found that men who reported orgasms more often lived longer. (A 50% reduction in mortality).

In conclusion: As in many other things, everything is in the extent. Further research is needed.


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