The Terrapins

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They are the reason for the unique aromas of cannabis flowers and sometimes resemble the aromas of mango, lemon, chocolate, etc. They are also the ones that give the special smell of eucalyptus, the tingling taste of cinnamon and ginger. They have medical properties even when they are small. Pain relief, anti-anxiety, anti-nausea and strengthening the bones and the immune system. It is very important to use the inflorescence as it is or extract from the plant and thus obtain a cure for a variety of sick conditions.

High-quality cannabis contains a significant amount of terpenes called beta-cryophyllene, which are effective in the treatment of pain, inflammation, sclerosis and osteoporosis. The molecule activates a protein called the CB2 cannabinoid receptor. When this biological process occurs, it relaxes the immune system, increases bone density and relieves pain – all without high psychoactive effects and without damage to the central nervous system.

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